Seven Common Myths About Home Security Systems

Seven Common Myths About Home Security Systems

Saturday, 31 August 2019 12:44

Do you want to make sure your family is safe? Of course, you do. One of our most pressing concerns is the safety of the people about whom we care the most. We have been helping home and business owners in the foothills and piedmont of North Carolina protect what matters most for decades. In that time, we have heard many myths about home and property security.

In this post, we are discussing some prominent security myths and the truth about how to protect your home and family.


1) My Neighborhood is Too Safe

Whether you are in North Wilkesboro, Statesville, Mount Airy, or somewhere in between, you likely live amongst friendly people who look out for each other. Good neighbors are something we are fortunate to have in abundance throughout our area. Unfortunately, burglaries and break-ins happen in good neighborhoods. Here’s why:

  • Burglars do not care how good your neighbors are
  • Your neighbors are not home 24-hours a day
  • Even if you have neighbors’ home every moment of the day, they are not watching your home every moment
  • When a burglar does enter your home, your neighborhood is powerless to do anything but alert first responders

No neighborhood is so safe it cannot be burglarized.

2) Rural Areas are Safer than Cities

Most of the area we serve is rural. Conventional wisdom might suggest that our area would be safer than big cities like Charlotte and Raleigh; however, studies show that rural areas are actually more dangerous [source]. That is not to say we are suggesting selling your home and moving to the city. Rather, we want to emphasize that security is important wherever you live.

3) Professional Burglars Can Get Around a Security System

When we picture break-ins, we often get an image of a masked professional cutting phone and electric lines to enter your home silently by night. Most burglars are not professionals. They are people trying to make a quick dollar, so they have little interest in tackling a home with a professional security system. Furthermore, security systems cannot be disarmed by simply cutting a wire. There are multiple backups and fail-safes to help ensure even hardened criminals cannot work around a secured home.

4) Lightning and Burglars Never Strike Twice

If you have lived in North Carolina for long, you know that thunderstorms can bring a lot of lightning. You may have noticed that lightning can absolutely strike the same structure or area multiple times. There are several people who have been struck by lightning multiple times and live to tell their tales. There is even science to why this happens.

If your house or property is burglarized once, it may become a target for others. If you have, unfortunately, experienced a burglary, it is important to make sure your home is secured in the future.

5) Burglars Strike at Night

Burglaries are more common during the day when most people are at work and school than at night when families are at home. Though nighttime break-ins are possible and scary, security systems are important for protecting your property during the day as well.

6) Burglars are Not Deterred by Signage

Most would-be burglars are searching for easy targets. Signage indicating your home is secured by Integrity Security is a deterrent to anyone that does not like the idea of spending time in prison.

7) Security Systems are Not Worth the Price

Security systems are well worth the price when you do the math on potential insurance savings and replacing material goods lost in a burglary. However, security systems are priceless when you factor in the peace-of-mind of knowing you are taking every step to protect what matters most. Do not believe the myths about home security. Contact Integrity Security for more information about how you can ensure your home is guarded at all times by a security system.