How to Protect Your Business and Customers During Tropical Storms

How to Protect Your Business and Customers During Tropical Storms

Monday, 29 July 2019 12:27

Summer and early fall bring pleasant summer sunshine, warm temperatures, and an opportunity for families to spend a lot of quality time together. From Statesville to North Wilkesboro and Mount Airy, business often picks up with an influx of tourists and visitors. Though the piedmont, triad, and foothills are hours from the beach and ocean, we are no strangers to the effects of tropical storms and hurricanes. 

In 2018, two systems impacted our area with wind and flooding rain, one from the Atlantic Ocean and one from the Gulf of Mexico. If a landfalling storm moves fast enough and retains its intensity, it can bring a variety of weather conditions to our area, including:


  • River flooding from prolonged rainfall
  • Flash flooding from torrential downpours
  • Wind damage
  • Quickly forming tornadoes 

In this post, we are discussing # tips for protecting your business and customers during tropical storms.

1) Be Weather Aware

Once a tropical system makes landfall, it will often lose its “tropical” characteristics, becoming a “Tropical Depression” or “Subtropical System” by the time it reaches Statesville and the foothills. However, the same storm may interact with cold fronts and other weather events, gaining new energy. In other words, what impacted the coast as a single unit, may arrive in our area as a series of downpours and embedded violent thunderstorms.

Weather conditions might be fair in Mount Airy but life-threatening in North Wilkesboro. Remaining weather-aware is the key to protecting your business and customers. Tips for maintaining weather awareness include:

  • Listen to meteorologists’ anticipated impacts for our specific area
  • Pay close attention to advisories and warnings issued by the National Weather Service
  • Remember that impacts may come in shifts
  • Utilize a NOAA weather radio for alerts with battery backup
  • Download reliable weather apps on your phone that will provide National Weather Service alerts
  • Check the radar before you and your employees drive
  • Follow local meteorologists on social media like Brad Panovich and Michelle Kennedy
  • Encourage your employees to be weather-aware as well
  • Follow cities, towns, and counties on social media for updates on weather and road conditions

2) Bring Outdoor Furniture Inside

If your business has outdoor furniture, make sure you either secure it or bring it indoors if high winds are anticipated. Trashcans, chairs and tables can become sudden projectiles during periods when the wind roars, causing damage to other vehicles, cars, and potentially bystanders.

3) Prepare for Power Outages

Power outages are common during tropical systems. Make sure your business is prepared for outages. If you have items that must remain refrigerated, consider renting or purchasing a generator. Make sure sensitive electronic information is stored on external hard drives or in the cloud. If your business can operate when the lights are down, have a means by which customers can pay that does not require the internet and electricity.

4) Install and Service Fire Alarms

Power surges and damaged power lines often spark fires during tropical weather. Making sure you have working fire alarms is one of the most important things you can do to protect your business and customers. Contact Integrity Security for more information about how you can make sure your commercial fire alarms are ready for adverse weather.

5) Install Security Cameras

If your commercial property incurs damage during a tropical storm, you will want as much photo and video documentation as possible. Security cameras will help improve your ability to demonstrate the damages were caused during the storm for your insurance company.

6) Install Security Sensors 

Glass break detectors, door and window sensors, and motion detectors all have value beyond deterring break-ins. During thunderstorms and tropical weather events, these will help you know first if your business has been damaged. Furthermore, if first responders are stretched thin due to the weather, it will be vital authorities know immediately if someone is trying to take advantage of the situation at your expense.

7) Protect Customers and Employees

Your priority during tropical weather events is the safety of your employees and customers. With the right tools, you can make informed decisions about your business hours, employee safety, and whether you and your patrons might need to take cover.

Generally, we experience incredible weather In Statesville, the Piedmont, and the Foothills of North Carolina. Still, protecting your business and commercial property is vital year-round. Contact Integrity Security to get more information about how you can ensure you are properly protecting what matters most.