How to Use Security Cameras to Improve Your Business 

How to Use Security Cameras to Improve Your Business 

Thursday, 20 February 2020 11:01

Security cameras may be one of the most important investments you make in your business. By improving overall safety and security, you can offer a better experience for employees, customers, clients, visitors, and the public in general. Why are surveillance cameras a must for today’s companies? 


Leveraging Security Cameras to Enhance Your Business

Security cameras offer a variety of benefits, including:

Reducing the Risk of Theft and Vandalism

Incidents of theft and vandalism cost US businesses billions of dollars annually. Strategically placing cameras throughout your business can act as a deterrent to would-be criminals. Most thieves and vandals prefer easy targets. If they have to put too much work into it, or if there is too big a risk of getting caught, they will most likely move on to greener pastures. 

There is also the sensitive subject of employee theft to consider. This costs US businesses $50 billion a year, and small and mid-size businesses account for the majority (68%) of cases. While you do not want to create a workplace environment in which people feel as if they’re being spied on, it is important to protect your business, its other employees, its assets, and its intellectual property. 

Real-Time, Remote Monitoring 

Today’s security systems offer the opportunity to monitor video any time, from anywhere via smartphone, tablet, or computer. This is tremendously useful in keeping an eye on critical areas of your business (e.g. areas in which sensitive data and/or expensive equipment is stored).

Providing Key Evidence 

No business is immune: disputes happen. Whether it is employee-employee, employee-supervisor, employee-customer, or an alleged workplace injury, etc., it can be difficult to determine what, exactly, happened so you can take appropriate action. Security cameras provide clear evidence of the situation, helping facilitate a fair resolution.

With this equipment, you can also aid police in their investigations. When criminal activity occurs in the vicinity of your building, law enforcement can use your video to gather evidence. This applies not only to crimes against your business (e.g. shoplifting, violence) but those in your community as well. 

Improving Customer/Tenant Experience

When you use business security cameras, you are telling your customers and/or tenants that you care about their safety. You can also examine your video to learn about shopping habits in order to improve product placement, layout, traffic flow, etc. This is an effective way to boost your reputation and your customers’ experience.


It costs less to install security cameras than to hire a full security team. It may not be feasible or advisable to completely replace your security staff, but, in those cases, you can supplement a smaller number of employees with cameras. 

Security cameras offer the opportunity to improve your business in multiple ways. If you want to install a system, upgrade your current cameras, or you have any questions about business security in general, please contact the experts at Integrity Security. Our goal is to protect what matters most.