What to Look for in Commercial Security Systems

What to Look for in Commercial Security Systems

Thursday, 02 September 2021 22:08

This has been a challenging last few years for businesses. In addition to the concerns you have had about keeping your family and staff safe, owners and managers have had to try to figure out how to reach customers and clients through periods of social distancing and lockdowns. 

In our area, we have seen corporations, and small businesses find innovative solutions to not just survive but thrive. By making it through the first few months of the pandemic, many businesses have found new life and momentum from the influx of people who have moved to the foothills and piedmont. 

The Carolinas have been one of the fastest-growing regions in the country since 2020. 

In some ways, the world has returned to normal, but in other ways, it may feel like there is no normal for companies. Nevertheless, it is not time to rest on our laurels. We still have to find ways to move forward and keep up with all other aspects of running our businesses. 


One of the most crucial aspects of growing your company is avoiding setbacks like burglaries and theft. In this article, we want to make sure you have the information you need about commercial security systems. 

Why Do You Need a Commercial Security System?

Security systems help protect your commercial property from theft, burglary, and fire. A comprehensive security system will include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Security Cameras
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Smart Locks
  • Security Keypads
  • Access Control
  • Motion Detectors
  • Automation

Theft and Burglary Protection

Here are some eye-opening statistics regarding theft and burglary:

  • Every year, about $50 billion is stolen from American firms, accounting for 7% of total income.
  • At least once, 75% of all employees have stolen from their employers. Half of them had been caught stealing twice or more.
  • Employee theft is responsible for up to a third of all bankruptcies.
  • The average time it takes to uncover theft and fraud is two years, which is long enough to do major financial harm.

Prevention is the key to protecting your business. Integrity Security helps prevent commercial break-ins by securing your office or retail store. For more information about commercial theft and burglary protection, visit our website

Fire Protection

While the focus of this article is primarily on theft and burglary prevention, a comprehensive security system can and should include fire monitoring. 

Every year, firefighters in the United States respond to more than a million structural fires, with thousands of them being businesses. Emergency responders should be notified quickly if your commercial property erupts in flames in order to prevent harm to your property and any nearby businesses. 

When you think about protection and prevention, fire is an important concern. Make sure your fire system includes:

  • Fire Alarms
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Panic Buttons

What Does a Commercial System Cost?

For companies of any size, but especially small businesses, the cost of a commercial security system is a significant concern. It is reasonable to expect to shell out upwards of $3,000 just for security camera installation. 

Added to the cost of the system itself, it might feel like it is better to risk it. The better way to think about it, however, is how much NOT having security in place could cost. 

We wrote about the cost of not having a commercial security system here:

“​​In addition to [the potential for] theft, someone might be more willing to commit a crime against another person on your property without the watchful eyes of cameras. This will hurt your company’s reputation and could cost a significant amount of money in legal fees.”

In other words, the presence of cameras and a security system can be enough to prevent theft and burglary. You may never know how many would-be criminals will pass up your property just because it is protected and monitored. 

However, experiencing theft or burglary could cost your company significantly even if you recover the stolen goods. 

Final Thoughts Regarding Security

A commercial security system is not the only step to take to prevent your company from experiencing issues related to theft and burglary:

“The solution: a comprehensive — and smart — commercial security system combined with tactics that optimize your business’s defenses against thieves, vandals, and other criminals.”

From where you plant shrubbery to the way your store is designed, you need a comprehensive strategy to prevent criminal activity. However, it begins with your commercial security system. 

The team at Integrity Security is here to help you protect your staff from crime and your products from being taken by thieves. Contact us today for more information about commercial security systems.