Why You Need A Smart Home in West Jefferson NCWest Jefferson is a small mountain town with a lot of charm. Nestled in the heart of Watauga County, our town has been growing rapidly for many years. It attributes at least some of its growth to its proximity to Boone, but most of it due to what it offers residents and vacationers:

  • A beautiful and walkable downtown
  • Multiple restaurants, craft breweries, coffee shops, and retail shops to explore
  • Mount Jefferson and many other beautiful destinations to hike
  • Proximity to the famous Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Green rolling mountains that might remind visitors of Scotland or Norway

There is a lot to love about West Jefferson. If you own a home here, whether it is your primary residence of a vacation home, you would likely benefit from the addition of smart home technology. Integrity Security can help you make the most of your smart home.

Why You Need A Smart Home in West Jefferson

Let your home security work smarter, not harder, with Integrity Security’s home automation services. Home automation allows you to stay in touch with your home or business from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere. Control, access, and automate your security system, such as alarms, locks, and lights while also receiving alerts and notifications from your smart system:

  • Automated Lights
  • Smart Door Locks
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Thermostats
  • Doorbell Cameras
  • Security Cameras

Smart home technology can be especially vital for residents and property owners in West Jefferson. It can help you:

  • Reduce your homes energy consumption. For vacation homeowners, this can be especially helpful when your property is not occupied.
  • Keep tabs on your property. Want to see your house while you’re at work or your permanent residence? Smart home technology allows that.
  • Create an inviting space. You can have the lights on and the house warm when your family returns home from work or school. You can also create an inviting space for yourself or your vacation renters.
  • Help the environment. If your smart home is reducing your energy consumption, it is helping keep West Jefferson clean and green. We love our beautiful mountains and our smart homes help us keep them healthy.

If you are thinking about making your home smarter in West Jefferson, our team at Integrity has 50 years of combined experience installing smart home technology and helping you protect what matters most. Whether you are considering upgrading existing equipment or installing new protective systems in your home or business, contact Integrity Security for a free estimate.