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Smart Home Technology Mooresville and Iredell County, NCSmart home… it is a buzzword we cannot escape today - nor should we try! Smart home technology can help boost energy efficiency, convenience, comfort, safety, and security. Many people are intimidated by the prospect of integrating smart solutions into their homes, and, indeed, they can often be more complex and convoluted than necessary. Integrity Security is committed to delivering viable, usable smart home technology to our Mooresville, NC clients. 

Smart Home Technology Mooresville and Iredell County, NC

When it comes to smart homes, there are many applications that enhance safety and security. These include: 

  • Smart locks
  • Programmable codes to allow access to your home to specific individuals at specific times
  • Exterior cameras 
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Smart fire and CO2 alarms and instant dispatching of emergency responders
  • Window and door sensors 
  • Glass break detectors 
  • Smart lighting (control remotely and set timers that mimic natural patterns)
  • Motion sensors for lighting
  • Sensors in specific zones (e.g. pools, backyards, hallways)
  • Voice-activated communication (e.g. if you have elderly relatives, you can instantly communicate while you are away)
  • Fall detectors (they can scan a room, such as the bathroom, and if they detect a fall, they immediately call the emergency contact)
  • Text alert and speech dial

Smart security and safety systems can be customized to your unique needs. For example, if you have elderly relatives living with you, you can install sensors that alert you when they leave their bedroom at night or if they leave the house. If you have a babysitter or need to let in trusted neighbors to water the plants, you can give them access codes for specified times. The beauty of smart homes is that you have greater control - and access to the security features you need.

If you want to take advantage of smart home technology, contact Integrity Security today. We are proud to deliver the best quality and service to our Mooresville, NC clients.