School Security Camera Installation in North CarolinaSchools are one of the best places on earth. All the cares of the world should melt away as students enter the place where teachers and administrators will invest in their lives and futures. A school is a place where dreams are formed, and goals established for children to reach new heights. Kids can be kids while simultaneously discovering the wonders of the world adults often take for granted. Athletic competition and the joys of teamwork are often first discovered at academic institutions, while kids are at the same time forming relationships that will last forever. 

Unfortunately, schools are too often the subject of stories about violence and terrible misconduct. They are generally safe, but that perception of safety may feel like an illusion when the news cycle gets stuck covering the rare but too frequent bad things that happen. When the institution feels unsafe, it hinders teachers’ ability to teach, and students’ ability to learn. At Integrity Security, we know the value of effective security camera installation can make all the difference for reinforcing the sense of safety and security faculty and students need. 

School Security Camera Installation in North Carolina

Integrity Security serves a wide area from western North Carolina through the piedmont. We know the importance and benefits area schools see from installing security cameras. 

  • Protection for students: There are some bad actors who would harm students, even those who might call themselves a teacher. Cameras help identify those who have done wrong and deter those who would consider doing wrong.
  • Protection for teachers: With cameras in place, teachers know that if violence is threatened or if someone might make a false accusation, they will have evidence to protect them. This can instill confidence that will help them continue to invest in our youth. 
  • Identification of visitors: When visitors enter the campus, they will not only be accounted for at checked in, but they will be monitored for any potential wrongdoing.
  • Financial benefits: Cameras may reduce the occurrence of thefts while elevating the academic experience such that volunteering increases, potentially reducing the costs of other security measures for schools and school districts
  • Peace of mind: Cameras cannot in and of themselves stop someone from doing something bad, but knowing they are there if something does happen provides all peace of mind, especially after hearing potentially negative things in the media about school safety. 

If you are considering installing or upgrading your security camera system, contact Integrity Security. We are here to help you protect what matters most.