Residential Security Cameras Statesville, NCStatesville is the perfect place to purchase own a home. There is no shortage of things to do, from pristine parks to mountain biking trails, to lakes and rivers, outdoor activities are abundant in our area. We are a relatively short distance to several major cities, including Charlotte, Hickory, and Winston-Salem; however, we have a small town everybody-knows-your-name community. There are plenty of amazing restaurants and small businesses to visit, with many other conveniences as well.

Even though Statesville is a friendly town full of wonderful people, homeowners know that they cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting their families and properties. That’s why Integrity Security provides high-quality residential security cameras Statesville residents can trust.

Protecting Your Home With Residential Security Cameras

Even Statesville residents must take seriously the need to protect their families and property. Security cameras from Integrity Security help keep you and your property safer in many ways, including:

  • Deterrent: Just knowing the camera is there enough to turn many away.
  • Identification: If someone so much as steals a package from your porch, your cameras can help identify them.
  • Suspiciousness: If there is clear suspicious behavior, your cameras provide evidence.
  • Neighbors: Your cameras will help keep your neighbors safe as well.
  • Animals: Your cameras may capture troublesome wildlife and provide necessary information for animal control.
  • Awareness: With access to your cameras through your smartphone or tablet, you can know your family members are at home safely.
  • Weather: You have probably seen that residential security cameras capture wild weather. Not only can those videos go viral, more importantly, but they also provide helpful information for insurance purposes in the unfortunate event your home sustains weather-related damage.

If you are ready to protect what matters most, it is time to consider installing residential security cameras. You can access our cameras any time through your smartphone or tablet, so you can know your kids and family are safe at home. Contact Integrity Security for more information about residential security cameras in Statesville, NC.