when to upgrade home securityBefore you moved into your house, you likely spent hours researching and shopping for the house of your dreams. You may have chosen the Hickory area for the abundance of jobs, the proximity to the foothills and mountains, the abundance of outdoor activities, or the many excellent restaurants. 

With so many people working remotely, people are not bound to live based on the geographical location of their offices. Many people have chosen Hickory as the place they want to call home. 

Even though our area has friendly neighbors and a great community, it is still vital to make sure your family is safe and secure. For a security system installer you can trust near Hickory, Integrity Security is here for you. 

We have the experience and expertise to provide the system that will give you peace of mind. 

Home Security Installation in Hickory, NC

Each year, there are over three million burglaries in the United States. You need to make sure you and your family are protected if your house is targeted. Integrity Services specializes in fire alarms, burglar alarms, and camera systems. 

We provide free estimates so home and business owners can do their homework before installing new equipment or upgrading their existing systems. We have years of experience installing systems in Catawba, Burke, and Caldwell counties. You can trust us to provide the best security system experience. 

Convert to Home Automation

Smart devices are meant to make modern life easier, but when you have three or more different smart home devices that are all controlled through different apps, it can become a headache to manage all of them. 

If you have to log into various accounts on different apps just to control your home’s alarm system and convenient smart devices, that’s not really a smart system. Switch to Integrity Security Inc. to make life easier by centralizing control over all your smart home convenience and safety features.

Your Trusted Home Security System Installers Near Hickory, NC

Whether you’re moving into a new home or you want to remodel your old home, you can get premium-quality smart home technology with Integrity Security Inc

We offer a full range of security and protection products for residents and business owners in Hickory, NC, and surrounding areas. Our professionals are available for installation for Hickory homeowners, so you can enjoy the safety and security of our remarkable smart home systems. 

Call us today and see how easy it can be to upgrade your Hickory home into a smart home.