Fire Protection Statesville NCStatesville has been growing steadily for decades. There are numerous new homes and structures in our beautiful town. From renovated downtown businesses and apartments to new neighborhoods and stunning old homes brought back to life, it Is possible you own a home or commercial structure that has undergone significant changes. There are countless tasks you had to perform to ensure that your structure meets appropriate fire codes; however, there is no guarantee of avoiding fire. You must make sure your fire alert systems are the highest quality and will be there when you need them. Integrity Security has the expertise and experience to help you protect your Statesville property and family.

Commercial Property Fire Protection in Statesville NC

Throughout the United States, firefighters respond to more than a million structural fires each year, over 350,000 of which are homes.  If your commercial property erupts, emergency responders should be notified immediately, to prevent damage to your property and other neighboring businesses. Protect what’s most important, your family, home, business and property, through our fire and safety products, including:

  • Fire Alarms
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Panic Buttons

Fires can be incredibly destructive and frightening. In Statesville, you can give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that if the worst-case scenario becomes a reality, you will have time to respond and get your family and coworkers to safety. Contact Integrity Security for Statesville fire protection systems that give you the best chance of getting out of a burning structure safely and alerting first responders who can help minimize damage to your home or building, as well as your neighbors.