Lightning Dangers in West Jefferson NCWhen we think of severe weather - conditions that put us, and our homes, at risk - we typically think of tornadoes, hurricanes, or even blizzards and ice storms. But lightning is one of the leading causes of weather-related deaths and injuries in the US. While the odds of getting struck by lightning are relatively low (1 in 700,000), few people are aware that they can be struck even if the center of the storm is 10 miles away and the skies are blue! A bigger risk is that which lightning poses to your home. Integrity Security not in the business of taking risks or playing the odds: We are in the business of protecting your home - and your family.

Dangers of Lightning West Jefferson, NC
Hear Thunder? Head Inside

Thunder will not harm us, but it accompanies lightning (in fact, thunder is caused by lightning). So if you hear a boom, take cover in your home or car. A strike can cause cardiac arrest, severe burns, brain damage, memory loss, and even personality change. While 90% of those struck survive, 70% suffer long-term effects. Do not take chances.

Lightning can also cause devastating damage to your home:

Fire: When an exposed lightning channel comes into contact with or passes through flammable building materials, it can cause them to ignite. It can also travel through wires, creating a fire hazard anywhere along the circuits.

Power Surge: If lightning affects your wiring, it can cause a surge that damages appliances and electronics. If you hear thunder or see lightning, unplug your gadgets and devices, particularly those that are expensive (TVs, computers, smartphones) and invest in surge protectors.

Show Waves: Lightning produces shock waves - which is the thunder we hear. If this is at close range, it can damage brick, concrete, stone, and cinder block, as well as glass and plaster walls.

Protect Yourself

Integrity Security offers a full range of products and solutions, designed to protect your home and increase your peace of mind. Burglars and thieves are not the only threats you need to guard against. Contact our team to find out how we can help you keep your home safe from lightning. From fire detection to 24/hour monitoring, Integrity Security has you covered.