Commercial Security Cameras Systems Mooresville, NCKeep an electronic eye on your commercial properties at all times: commercial security systems deliver effective solutions to guard against and deter criminal activity, protect your people and property, provide evidence with which to pursue charges, and, as importantly, increase peace of mind. Integrity Security has a collective 50 years of experience in commercial security and is proud to help Mooresville, NC businesses maximize protection while keeping costs in line.

A comprehensive security camera system involves more than sticking a few cameras up here and there. This is why the Integrity Security team completes a thorough assessment of your property. From there, we position cameras strategically to maximize coverage - while delivering the best price. 

Commercial security cameras can assist you in:

  • Reducing the risk of vandalism, break-ins, and theft 
  • Reducing incidents of employee theft and/or fraud 
  • Avoiding false legal claims (e.g. false claims of slips and falls, etc.)
  • Keeping a record of who enters and exits your property 
  • Improving your business’s reputation for safety among employees, guests, and the public
  • Meeting compliance requirements under HIPAA, SEC, and/or corporate regulations
  • Supplementing other security measures and aiding security personnel

With Integrity Security commercial security camera systems, Mooresville, NC businesses can breathe easier knowing that their properties are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the hassle and complication of monthly fees. Owners/managers can also easily access their cameras via our smartphone and tablet apps for ultimate convenience. 

Our goal is to provide the industry’s leading commercial security camera systems, as well as peace of mind for each of our clients. If you need to upgrade existing equipment or install new systems to help protect your business, contact Integrity Security for a free estimate. We are in your corner… always.