Commercial Fire Alarms Statesville NCStatesville, North Carolina has been growing for some time, with new residents moving to the area from the busier parts of Uptown Charlotte, to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to new residents, Statesville welcomes new businesses in the ever-growing downtown, and throughout the area. Northern Iredell County has long been home to several valuable commercial properties, large companies, and small businesses.

One of the most important things business owners and managers can do for their companies is to make sure they are protected. Quality commercial fire alarms are vital for protecting your assets, as well as your employees and customers.

Commercial Fire Alarms Statesville NC

Throughout the county, firefighters respond to more than a million structural fires each year. Many of those fires occur in commercial buildings and business districts. From electrical fires sparked by lightning to accidents, if your commercial property burst into flames, firefighters and first responders should be alerted immediately. To prevent damage to your property and other neighboring businesses as well as protecting your employees and customers, Integrity Security helps provides a range of commercial fire alarm services, including:

  • Commercial Fire Alarm Installation
  • Commercial Fire Alarm Inspection
  • Commercial Smoke Detectors
  • Commercial Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Commercial Panic Buttons

If properly installed and maintained, these commercial fire alarm systems can save lives and property in Statesville, NC. If you own or manage a business in northern Iredell County, it is imperative your fire alarm systems are working properly. Contact Integrity Security for more information about commercial fire alarms and to learn about how you can protect your clients, employees, and property.