how to develop a church emergency planWith today’s threats, churches must be prepared to ensure their congregant’s safety. Safety and protection are important components of church security. Does your church have a security plan to reduce potential threats? 

Is there an emergency plan to follow in response when dangerous situations occur? Do you have trained staff and volunteers to carry out the security plan? As a church leader, you must ask yourself these questions. Our goal is to assist you in answering these questions and in providing a safe and secure place of worship.

Steps to Make a Church Security Plan

1. Determine the Purpose

The first step in establishing a security plan is determining the plan's goal and the dangers that may harm your place of worship. 

This begins with a strategic planning session to explore the different sorts of threats and countermeasures that can help mitigate the risks. Knowing what vulnerabilities are currently present at the Church will also help with the security planning process.

2. Make Security Policies

Security policies are the Church's security rules that must be followed by all staff and members to mitigate any risks. Staff cannot be sufficiently trained to protect the security of the Church unless policies and procedures are in place. Security procedures are step-by-step instructions for workers to follow in the event of a threat or emergency.

3. Train the Church Leaders and Security Team

Involving church leaders in the plan and any training is important to the effectiveness of the security plan. If the leaders don't know the plan or how to execute it during an emergency, the security plan will fail.

4. Cooperate with Local Law Enforcement

It’s helpful if you design a security plan that includes local law enforcement. Contacting first responders will help support the implementation of the security plan in the event of an emergency. Planning and training with law enforcement will aid in the implementation of the security plan.

Professional Church Security in North Wilkesboro, NC

It's recommended that churches improve their security by developing a proper security plan, procedures, physical security, training, and implementation. Installing a security system in your church can help to reduce the possibility of a fire or burglary. It also offers interior and perimeter protection. 

Our mission at Integrity Security Inc. is to help protect what is most important to you. By securing your property, we can help prevent church break-ins and incidents. We offer a variety of security systems such as 24/7 monitoring, security cameras, smart locks, access control, automation, and much more. Contact us today for more information.