‘Tis the season for lights, gifts, traveling, eating, and, hopefully, enjoying the magic of the holidays. Before you head off to another party or head to the store for more eggnog, take a few moments to remind yourself of some essential tips to keep your family safe during this time of year. 

‘Tis the season… for burglaries. Not such a merry thought, but it’s a reality of the holiday season. With people traveling to see family and friends and expensive gifts sitting under the tree, it’s no surprise that there is a spike in home burglaries during this time of year. If you’re going out of town, take some proactive steps to keep your home and property safe.

Preparing Your Home for Fire Season

Monday, 28 October 2019 16:15

As you’re gearing up for the holiday season, don’t forget to prepare your home for fire season. It’s not as cheery and merry, we know, but it is essential in keeping your family and property safe. While house fires can occur at any time of year, there is a spike in December and January. Space heaters, electric blankets, woodstoves and fireplaces, Christmas trees and lights that are used improperly or exposed to flammable materials can catch fire; and because there is less moisture in the air, our homes are drier. This makes it easier for a fire to spread. 

If you are a business owner or manager in Wilkes or Iredell County, NC, or somewhere in the surrounding area, you have chosen a great place in which to invest. Our foothills and piedmont communities are second-to-none in the state. We have industrious and innovative residents. For example, Wilkes County residents helped produced recognizable names and brands like Lowes Hardware, Lowes Foods, NASCAR, and the Carolina Mirror Company. Iredell County is now a hub for NASCAR and Lowes Hardware, and in both counties and throughout the surrounding area there are reputable small businesses, restaurants, trades, and artists making our area proud.

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