Today’s security cameras are capable of doing much more than “keeping an eye” on your home or business. How do they work to keep your property - and the people on it - safer?

An effective system:

1. Tells You Who's There - and When

Motion activation, alerts in real-time, and the ability to access your camera via mobile device all mean that you can keep up with who's on your property at any given time. You don't even have to be there in order to keep it secure. With remote security access, if you see someone trespassing or trying to get in a window, you can notify police.

With story after story of high-profile cybersecurity breaches in the news, it can be easy push physical security to the back of your to-do list. But this is a risk your company cannot afford to take. Nearly 9 percent of businesses experience a break-in or theft each year.

From the theft of costly computer equipment, inventory, and cash holdings to destruction of property, the financial hit that businesses take is often significant. Perhaps as difficult, though, is dealing with the aftermath: workplace crime erodes the sense of security and trust which your employees, customers, clients, and the public place in you. Damage to your reputation is another risk that you cannot afford to take.

The solution: a comprehensive — and smart — commercial security system combined with tactics that optimize your business’s defenses against thieves, vandals, and other criminals.

How can you compliment your business’s security strategy? Here are 7 simple, and cost-effective, ways to protect your people, your assets, and, just as importantly, your good name:

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