In the US, a home is broken into every seven minutes. Many people picture burglars and intruders operating under the cover of darkness; in fact, though, most break-ins occur during the hours between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. According to the Department of Justice, 1 million burglaries happen when people are in the home. More than a quarter escalate into violence. These are frightening numbers, so preparing and protecting yourself is essential. How should you respond if you encounter an intruder?

Benefits of Hiring a Security Company

Sunday, 28 April 2019 16:22

The biggest advantage of hiring a security company is to protect your home. Your home will be defended against burglary and robbery. This is very important, but it's not all a security company does for you. Their service goes deeper than this. It can make several parts of your life much easier and stress-free.

Storm season can bring some incredibly intense situations: emergencies, power outages, and even injuries. How can your security system help you through it? For that matter, will your security system still function during a power outage? Here's what you need to know about your security system, how long it operates on battery, and how to use it in an emergency.

Thinking about switching your phone service? Just a decade ago, 85 percent of US households had landlines. Today, only 6.5 percent are landline only, 39.4 percent have both landline and wireless, and the majority - 50.8 percent - are wireless only. While going wireless only can be a great decision in terms of convenience and cost, what does it mean for your home security system?

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