Buying a home is a major milestone for you and your family. It is an opportunity to make a space that is truly and completely yours. You can personalize it in a way you can't with a rental. It is the place you will watch your family grow and entertain friends and neighbors. If you have small children, they will learn how to ride a bike, read and write, and overcome academic challenges. It is where you will take prom photos, learn big news, and potentially play with grandchildren one day. 

Unfortunately, your new home may also be a target for nefarious characters who would consider burglarizing it. Whether you are in the city or suburbs, home invasions and robberies are a possibility for every homeowner.

If you own or run a business, you are faced with daily operational challenges, human resources headaches, and all kinds of difficult situations. There may not have been a time more challenging to be in your position as you try to navigate operating during a pandemic. You also get to experience daily victories and triumphs that you can enjoy with your team. It can be a roller coaster, but most wouldn’t have it any other way.

With so much on your plate, you probably do not want to think about security and surveillance cameras any more than you absolutely must. Besides the cost incurred by purchasing, installing, and operating them, you want to believe in and trust your customers and staff. Unfortunately, too often business owners do not consider cameras until something bad happens on their property and they are wishing they had video evidence. 

Schools are one of the best places on earth. All the cares of the world should melt away as students enter the place where teachers and administrators will invest in their lives and futures. A school is a place where dreams are formed, and goals established for children to reach new heights. Kids can be kids while simultaneously discovering the wonders of the world adults often take for granted. Athletic competition and the joys of teamwork are often first discovered at academic institutions, while kids are at the same time forming relationships that will last forever. 

Sometimes, it feels as if spring hasn’t just sprung - it has pounced with incredible intensity! Changes in weather can come fast and furious, and while April showers bring May flowers, spring also brings storms, lightning, and power outages. What do you need to know in order to protect your home and family this season? 

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