Security cameras may be one of the most important investments you make in your business. By improving overall safety and security, you can offer a better experience for employees, customers, clients, visitors, and the public in general. Why are surveillance cameras a must for today’s companies? 

How to Make Your Home a Smart Home

Monday, 27 January 2020 19:56

Are you intimidated by the idea of a “smart home”? You’re not alone! We all question: will it be too expensive? Will it be too complex? What technology do I need? How do I start? Am I going to turn into a Jetson - and where do I get my jetpack? Well… we have one word of advice: relax. A smart home is meant to make life easier and more convenient, not more confusing and frustrating. You can take some simple steps to make your home a smart home… on your terms.

‘Tis the season for lights, gifts, traveling, eating, and, hopefully, enjoying the magic of the holidays. Before you head off to another party or head to the store for more eggnog, take a few moments to remind yourself of some essential tips to keep your family safe during this time of year. 

‘Tis the season… for burglaries. Not such a merry thought, but it’s a reality of the holiday season. With people traveling to see family and friends and expensive gifts sitting under the tree, it’s no surprise that there is a spike in home burglaries during this time of year. If you’re going out of town, take some proactive steps to keep your home and property safe.

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