How Do You Know When to Upgrade Home Security?

How Do You Know When to Upgrade Home Security?

Thursday, 05 August 2021 15:28

**This article was originally published in June 2018. Updated for our current market September 2021.**

What do you do when you see the “software update” notification on your smartphone? Do you readily click “yes” and fire up your new operating system as quickly as possible? Or, are you like many of us who try to put it off until it ultimately updates itself? There are many reasons we avoid updates and upgraded technology:

  • We are indifferent about the new updates.
  • We get comfortable with the technology we already use. 
  • We do not have time to do the research about the updates. 
  • We are concerned about what the upgrade’s domino effect might be. 

Regardless of the reasons we don’t want to make the update, sometimes we have to embrace new technology. That may be the case with your home security system. Many homeowners are long overdue for a change. 


We wrote an article about this subject three years ago; however, we realized it was due for an update. As technology changes at ever-increasing rates, so do your options at great home security. 

Here are important signs your home security system may be due for an upgrade. 

Six Signs Your Home Security Is Due for an Upgrade

Consider this: home security is constantly changing. Burglars and robbers are changing as well. When you bought your home security system, it was probably acceptable at the time, but it now has technological and logistical holes that leave your home susceptible.

1) Your Home Security System Is As Old As a Fifth Grader

If your home security system could be completing its last year as an elementary school student or could be getting its learner’s permit, you can be sure it is time for an upgrade. From the aforementioned previous article:

“An old home security system like this may have parts that are still operational, but its core capabilities are likely to be insufficient to stop determined criminals.”

Your old system’s outdated technology is not going to be as capable as new systems. Additionally, it likely has parts that are no longer compatible with modern components. In other words, it’s going to be challenging, if not impossible, to service an old unit. 

2) You Bought Your Home Recently and Do Not Know How Old Your System Is

Since the start of the pandemic, tens of thousands of people have moved to the piedmont and foothills of North Carolina. From Wilkes to Iredell County, we have welcomed many new neighbors to our area. 

If you have purchased a home recently, you may not even know how old your security system is. This is a good time to invest in your peace of mind. 

3) Your Security System Requires a Landline/Wires

Any system that relies on landlines or wires as its principal mode of communication puts you at risk. Hardlines can be easily impacted by weather or severed by a would-be burglar. Burglars and criminals specifically target homes with these antiquated security systems. If you are still, your residence becomes a prime target. 

You need to upgrade to a more sophisticated mobile-based system. 

when to upgrade home security

4) You Are Not Making the Most of Home Automation

Security systems have gotten a lot smarter in the last few years. Home automation allows you to stay in touch with your home from your smartphone or tablet whether you are at work or on vacation. 

Control, access, and automate your security system, such as alarms, locks, and lights, while also receiving alerts and notifications from your smart system, such as:

  • Automated Lights
  • Smart Door Locks
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Thermostats
  • Doorbell Cameras
  • Security Cameras

If you have used consumer-grade units like Ring, Alexa, or Wyze, you may have become accustomed to some aspects of being able to monitor your home from afar. That is all the more reason to upgrade to a fully automated system. 

You will be impressed by how much more you get out of an integrated, professional-grade home automation unit, including live monitoring. 

5) Your Home Security Cameras Are Old

It is not an exaggeration to say that home security camera equipment has advanced substantially in just a few years. Cameras may be the most notably inadequate parts of your older system. New cameras are improved in a number of ways, including:

  • Better motion detection 
  • Better energy efficiency 
  • Better coverage 
  • Better resolution

All of these improvements will go a long way toward identifying burglars and would-be criminals who enter your property unwanted. 

6) You Have a Local Security Company You Can Trust

If there is a local security system installer near you, it might be the right time to upgrade. The advantages of a trustworthy company include:

  • Knowing they will be able to tell you if you honestly need to upgrade
  • Knowing they will only sell you what you need
  • Knowing your equipment will be properly installed
  • Knowing they will train you on how to best put it into practice
  • Knowing you have someone to call if you have any issue

Integrity Security is the trusted local company for residents of the piedmont and foothills of North Carolina. Based in North Wilkesboro, we serve home and business owners from Iredell to Surry counties and the Triad to Boone. 

We would love to help you upgrade your system and provide you with more security and peace of mind. Contact Integrity Security for more information about our systems.