Benefits of Hiring a Security Company

Benefits of Hiring a Security Company

Sunday, 28 April 2019 16:22

The biggest advantage of hiring a security company is to protect your home. Your home will be defended against burglary and robbery. This is very important, but it's not all a security company does for you. Their service goes deeper than this. It can make several parts of your life much easier and stress-free.



Let's cover the obvious first. A security company protects against burglary and robbery. They do this by installing an alarm system, security cameras, motion detectors, and other detection systems. You can turn these on and off as you see fit, so your home has the utmost protection when you're away at work, on vacation, or during the night.

This allows you to rest and relax with peace of mind. Even when you're not there, your security system and the monitoring security company are protecting your belongings, property, and family.


A security system does a good job protecting you from an attempted break-in, but did you realize that they make the attempt itself less likely? Burglars don't just target your house and decide to break in no matter what. They scout multiple homes in a neighborhood and pick out the ones with the least protection.

Burglars want to avoid challenges and focus on easy pickings. If a home has a security system, with visible cameras and alarm triggers, a burglar will move on to a home that lacks these things. For them, there are plenty of targets. They'll choose the ones where residents are least likely to be alerted so that they're less likely to get caught.

Ease of Use

Many people imagine that security systems are one size fits all. In truth, they're much more flexible than this. Every security system installation is unique. This is because every family has unique needs. Ease of management means being able to control your security system on the go.

Forget to set it when you're out to dinner? You can safely access it from a mobile device. A guest arrives a few hours early, while you're at work? You can disarm the system similarly. This allows you to set and adjust elements easily, even if it's just a matter of not wanting to get out of bed. The right setup means you can also access security cameras even if you're halfway around the world.

Other Emergencies

Burglaries and robberies aren't the only emergencies. They're not even the most common ones. Medical emergencies, carbon monoxide leaks, and fires also occur. By hiring a security company, you also protect against these. With the press of a button, you can quickly notify the monitoring company about what type of emergency you're facing. This allows them to dispatch the emergency services that are best equipped to handle the situation.

A security monitoring system can be tied into other alarms very easily so that a fire alarm or gas detection alerts the system to send help immediately. This means even if you're not home, emergency services will still be alerted and able to get to your home quickly. In these events, that means saving pets, valuables, and your home before a limited event becomes a full-blown emergency.


Installing a security system monitored by a security company can actually save you money. This is because of insurance costs. Insurance companies know homes that are well protected are much less likely to make a claim. They're less likely to be robbed, and a fire is more likely to be detected early. This helps them save money since they're less likely to face any type of large claim from a well-protected home.

Even in the rare case of a lawsuit against a homeowner, security cameras are more likely to be able to provide irrefutable evidence. A monitored security system protects you, your family, your pets, your possessions, and the insurance company as well. Insurance companies are aware of this and will often give breaks on premiums for a homeowner smart enough to utilize this type of protection.

Home insurance premiums can be reduced as much as 20-percent in some cases, just with the addition of a security system and monitoring.

Safety and Relaxation

The full range of benefits to working with a security company incorporates a lot more than simply an alarm. Today's technology allows smart implementation and custom installations that exactly suit a homeowner's needs. Installing a security system monitored by a professional security company is one of the best investments you can make in your own safety and ability to relax.

A home is often a place where you care for your family and raise them up, so it makes sense to ensure that others can help you care for and keep safe your home. Contact Integrity Security today to ensure you experience all of these benefits.