10 Ways Security Cameras Keep Your Home or Business Safe

10 Ways Security Cameras Keep Your Home or Business Safe

Wednesday, 01 August 2018 16:46

Today’s security cameras are capable of doing much more than “keeping an eye” on your home or business. How do they work to keep your property - and the people on it - safer?

An effective system:

1. Tells You Who's There - and When

Motion activation, alerts in real-time, and the ability to access your camera via mobile device all mean that you can keep up with who's on your property at any given time. You don't even have to be there in order to keep it secure. With remote security access, if you see someone trespassing or trying to get in a window, you can notify police.


2. Helps Defend Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is so lucrative in part because it's so easy. An identity thief can steal credit card and identity information straight out of someone's mailbox. You have bills, bank statements, and even medical information coming through your mail.

A camera means you'll be aware of any theft, and you can provide evidence to authorities that helps them track the identity thief down. You will also know to alert your credit card company and/or bank so you do not end up in financial hot water.

3. Provides An Effective Deterrent

Security cameras don't just capture crimes and warn you when break-ins, vandalism, and other destructive acts are about to take place. They can completely deter criminals from targeting your home or business in the first place.

Most burglars look for the easiest targets – properties without cameras or alarm systems. A building that has cameras will most often keep them from attempting to enter in the first place.

4. Improves Neighborhood Safety

Security cameras don’t just make you safer; it also improves the safety of your neighbors. Burglars will be deterred from committing crimes in the general vicinity. Even if your camera doesn't catch them in the act, it might still provide police evidence with a car that's seen driving to and from a location in the middle of the night. Police regularly canvass neighboring homes and businesses for footage they can use to solve crimes.

5. Keeps Visitor Logs

You can use cameras to keep accurate visitor logs to a property, lining up the visit with a timestamp that makes identification easy. This can help facilitate everything from keeping sensitive data safer to ensuring physical assets (computers, equipment, tools, etc.) stay where they belong.

6. Helps You Confirm Identification

There are still daylight robbers and scammers. If someone comes to your home and claims they're delivering a package, you can access your camera and look to see if they have a package truck or not.

If they say they're from the gas company, or the police, for example, you can ask them to hold their identification up to the camera so you can look at it. You can even ask them to look at the camera themselves, which many robbers and scammers won't be willing to do. Doing this without leaving your home keeps you safer.

7. Reduces False Liability Claims

Many liability claims are real and legitimate, but the most dangerous ones are pulled by professional con artists. They can make a career out of staging and then making claims. Cameras serve as a deterrent to this: it's harder for them to stage an accident if you have visual evidence on your side. It also protects you in court.

8. Makes Off-Premises Authorizations Safer

Many people have security systems they can adjust from home. This means you can unlock the house for a relative or disarm the alarm system for a manager at your business. Remote security access to your camera means that you can confirm they're really there waiting. Perhaps your manager has someone you don't recognize waiting with them. You can make sure they don't allow an unauthorized person into the business.

9. Reduces Insurance Premiums

Cameras also can reduce your insurance premiums. Insurance companies recognize that they're taking less risk when insuring a home or business with camera coverage. They know crime and liability claims will be reduced, and there will be more evidence in the case of a crime.

This makes for a more streamlined process if a claim is filed, as they have to spend less time investigating.

10. Guards Large Sections of Property

Cameras aren't just the typical CCTV variety you see when walking through a department store. For larger properties or facilities, cameras with deep range, night vision, infrared, and other capabilities can be utilized. This can help you guard hundreds of yards of property at a time.

If security cameras protect you from even one of these instances - theft, identity theft, unauthorized access, liability claims, etc. - then it has more than paid for itself. Talk to a trusted security company to find out more.