Access Control Systems and Home Security Statesville NCRestricting access to your home or business is essential in preventing theft of valuable items, equipment, and data - as well as protecting the safety of your family or employees. Integrity Security, INC., delivers a full range of solutions to safeguard the property and safety of our Statesville, North Carolina customers, including advanced access control systems.

Access Control Systems and Home Security Statesville NC

An access control system is a security measure that allows you to manage and control who is allowed to enter your property. Most systems are designed to analyze credentials and verify that the individual is permitted to access the building, facility, or special use area. As an integral part of your security system, it restricts physical access based on your specifications. 

You can opt for:

  • Role-Based Access Control: This option is the most popular for both residential and commercial settings. The system administrator decides who has access, and this is based on their role in the home or organization. This saves you from having to assign privileges for each individual but rather assign them to a group that has particular access. 
  • Discretionary Access Control. Here, you decide who is allowed access, and you set security level settings and permissions. 
  • Mandatory Access Control. This is common for organizations that need aggressive protection for confidential and classified data. Only the owner can manage access controls.

Integrity Security is committed to providing you with the highest level of protection and delivering solutions that best meet your needs. We can help you determine which access control systems will work best for you and implement them for maximum ease and convenience. 

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