Access ControlBuilding security is a common concern for small business owners and corporations. However, many business owners may be unaware that they have access issues and wish to make their lives easier. Access control can help protect your company's assets, make your employees feel safe, and help your company grow.

Three Reasons Why Access Control Can Benefit Your Business

Access control solutions give you control over who enters your business.  Employees are given a unique key fob, PIN code, access card, or biometric indicator based on their security clearances. It’s easy to manage and monitor access throughout your property. Here are a few reasons why access control can benefit your business:

1. Restrict Entry to Authorized Personnel

With access control, only authorized employees can enter specific buildings or areas. Individual or group access credentials can be set and customized based on the time of day or week. This guarantees that those who are supposed to be in a building or area at any given time can enter. 

Temporary clearance can also be issued, which is useful when dealing with delivery personnel or other visitors who only need access to specific areas of your business for a limited time.

2. Create Activity Logs

Access control systems log all activity which can provide your security team with relevant information if there is a problem. They can be used to track employee attendance, including what time employees arrive or leave the office.

3. Eliminate the Need to Re-Key

Rekeying offices after employee changes can be an expensive and time-consuming procedure. However, no company wants the security risk of an ex-employee having access to its property after termination.

Access control makes it simple to manage employee changes. Your management team can cancel or produce key cards, key fobs, and PINs. As a result, you can easily grant, revoke, or change access permissions for any individual based on his or her current status with the company as needed.

By removing all keys, you eliminate the security risk of employees copying and transmitting keys to those outside your business.

There are numerous reasons for establishing access control including reducing theft and violence to ensure the security of your property. However, unless you have installation experience, installing an access control system can be difficult.

Access Control Installation in Statesville, NC

Integrity Security’s expert installation service providers ensure that you have an optimum system that delivers reliable and secure door access management at your Statesville, NC home or business. 

Access control security solutions go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors. We offer a range of security systems that can help you have seamless control of all entry points throughout your property. For more information, contact us today!